Collecting family stories. An obvious thing we would want to do. So we make sure we remember. Remember so we can tell and enjoy the stories months or years later. And one day pass them on.

And yet most of us don't do it. We collect photos, sometimes thousands of photos but we soon forget the stories behind them. And they are lost forever. 

So why don't we capture the stories? We are busy and it sounds like a lot of work. It also feels a bit self indulgent to capture your own story. Or intimidating to ask our parents for their stories. 

With Family Quilt we have tried to make it easy and fun right from the start and throughout the experience. Blitz your story telling in a few days during holidays, write once a week, write once a month. Just get going and the rest will be history!

I have started myself collecting stories. I was bit nervous to ask my parents about their lives but I have really enjoyed talking with them. I know it has made them feel loved to know that I wanted to know, that I wanted them to tell me and my children. And I will have forever their voices recorded. I have also enjoyed reminiscing on my own stories. The idea of writing was a bit intimidating at first, but it felt better when I got going. I am not going for a writer prize after all. I just want to have those special moments captured forever.

So I hope that Family Quilt will tempt you to get started. Enjoy the adventure.

Let me know how you get on if you have a minute.

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